It is important to know and remember that glass is a robust material, but also sensitive, which means extra care in maintenance, cleaning and handling.


Cleaning tips:

- Start cleaning the piece of glass or mirror, with a duster or dust cloth to remove the dust deposited on the surface.

- Clean with a soft dust cloth slightly dampened with warm water, liquid cleaning solution or alcohol.

- Pass then another soft and dry dust cloth or a sheet of newspaper to dry the piece and remove potentially stains or spots.


- Use mild detergent or specific products for cleaning glass or mirror.

- Do not use acid or alkaline products to clean the glass or mirror. Ammonia and chlorine, present in most cleaning products, it´s a damage to the glass, especially to the mirror, striking the surface and edges as well as the protective mirror paint.

- When using cleaning products, apply the cleaner to the dust cloth and the dust cloth in the mirror, never put liquid directly in the mirror.

– In mirror pieces with edges overlapping, make sure that no residue of cleaner be embedded between them. To dry completely between the edges, use a hair dryer. - Do not use abrasives (sandpaper, steel wool, scouring pads, etc.) on any surface of glass or mirror.

- Do not use knives or sharp objects to remove any residue adhering to the surfaces of the pieces.


Glass and mirror, even tempered may break with an improper handling or use.

Should take into account the following points:

- Avoid violent impacts, particularly at the edges and tops of the pieces.

- Avoid excessive mechanical stress.

- Avoiding the clash of the pieces against the floor or walls.

- Avoid clash of rigid materials, (metal, stone, glass) against the parts.

- Avoid hitting with the handle of the vacuum on the pieces feets or bases. - Avoid placing glass pieces on surfaces that are not properly leveled, ex. plank floors.

- In backlight pieces, request our services if necessary to change the lamps or other electrical needs.


- Do not leave children unattended, with the pieces.

- In pieces that have edges and drawers, be careful with the tops of them, when they are open.

- Do not place the pieces in places where it may restrict the normal movement of people.

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